Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Innovative use for your brew kettle

Regular readers know that I'm not brewing as much as I would like. Who this side of Dogfish Head is? A lot of that has to do with my duties as a dad to 4 kids. During the Christmas vacation my oldest boy came to me with an interesting problem. One of his brothers gave him one of those snakes that grows while you soak it in water. This particular one, being of the extra special Christmas gift variety, grows to more than 4 feet long. You can't exactly put that in a mixing bowl or beverage pitcher and let it got for 5 days. Space will quickly become an issue. Partly due to quick thinking and partially due to the fact that my wife is terrified of snakes and had already ruled out any of her kitchen equipment, we had to come up with an innovative place to grow this creature. Since I'm not brewing, my 7.5 gallon brew kettle seemed to make a nice place. Please excuse the poor photo, but you can make out the snake on day one. I can't wait to pull that thing out once it's fully grown.

There's a snake in my kettle

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