Monday, October 22, 2012

The debate we should be having

It’s debate night in America again. That means people every where will be drinking at the mention of Benghazi, tipping one back at the word centrifuge, licking the salt at the words fast and/or furious, or finishing their beverage of choice when someone properly pronounces the word nuclear. And the presidential candidates from the two major parties will be at each other's throats on foreign policy tonight in South Florida, in my experience a region unfortunately devoid of any real beer options. Being a beer blogger, a home brewer, and a man of with definite ideas about the kinds of people he trusts with important issues I wonder if we should explore the candidates’ views on the world of hops and barley. I’ll try to spell out, briefly and as without bias as I can.

We’re all well aware that Governor Romney, as part of his religious beliefs, is a teetotaler. He even joked at the recent Al Smith dinner that he’s there as the designated driver. So I suppose it’s fairly obvious that he’s not going to be kicking back any home brews any time soon. Even if I still had any in the basement, it wouldn’t do me much good to offer. Still though, every good party needs a guy that’s willing to drive home. He’s the kind of guy that probably wouldn’t be there if he wasn’t willing to take the keys and haul everyone else to their door steps. But, can you trust a guy that doesn’t enjoy a beer?

Then there’s President Obama. There’s been much made in recent months about the president’s link to home brewers as one of their own. But you have to ask yourself- did he actually brew it, or was it staff? This article from CBS news seems to point toward the kitchen staff creating the White House brews we’ve heard so much about. I think a fair question tonight might be to have the president explain IBUs or degrees Plato to us. While there’s something admirable about a White House that’s making its own brew, is there something disingenuous about leading us to believe the president had a hand in it?

So I’ll put it to you, loyal NGB readers, where do you fall on the real presidential debate- a teetotaler, or a wanna be homebrewer? Discuss.


  1. Whether it was the Pres or not, it's enough for me that he enjoys home brew enough to tell someone to make it. Fantastic. Side note: Picked up some Dundee Octoberfest tonight. I've tried 3 different Octoberfest angles this week. I believe the Sam Adams still wins after trying that and the Leinekugle (SPELLING!?) this weekend. How about a poll?

  2. Only 3? I'm in the double digits this season. But I do it for you. If you're looking for seasonal brews, check out the Ichabod. The Dundee was all right, but not phenomenal. Ichabod and the Dogfish head are the pumpkin ales of choice around here. For Oktoberfests, I'll go with the Sam Adams for now, but I'm still exploring the genre.