Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Is that a strawberry or are you happy to see me?

After a small amount of convincing my wife allowed me some of the strawberries.
I didn't get enough for a full 5 gallon batch, but she did spare me what I needed for a smaller 1 gallon attempt. (Thanks, honey you are the best). In that same spirit of sharing, I'll show you what I'm doing so that maybe you can enjoy some yourself. This recipe is based on the first recipe from Jack Keller's site and modified based on my personal preference and what I had on hand.

So here you go.


12 cups fresh strawberries
4 cups white sugar
2 tsp acid blend (I didn't have citric acid on hand and I figure this will get it close)
EC-1118 yeast (I've also used champagne yeast in this recipe nicely)


1. Cut the tops of the berries and place in a glass jar. Crush the strawberries with you hands. (Here's proof I did that).

2. Add the sugar, acid blend to the crock and mix together.

3. Pour ~1 gallon of boiling water (Should have mentioned you want to start some water boiling before cutting the strawberries).
4. Cool to less than 85F
5. Pitch yeast

That's as far as I've gotten so far. Here's the rest of the procedure, and I'll keep posting updates as we go.

6. Shake/stir daily for 7 days
7. Strain into a fermentation vessel.
8. Top up to 1 gallon
9. Rack after 30 days.
10. Rack again after 30 more.
11. Bottle, age, and enjoy

Here's where I'm at now. More to come.

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