Saturday, November 5, 2011

When I'm not making beer...

I'm making wine.  Today was bottling day at my house.  Well today was bleed the brake lines on the ratty old van day at my house.  After that it became bottle the wine day.  This year I wound up with just a gallon of dandelion (don't make that face it turned out great last year) and a gallon of watermelon (like the Tracy Byrd song).  So today I washed 8 bottles and got to bottling.  This is a little different than bottling beer because you don't have to carbonate, but you do have to cork.  Fortunately, loyal reader Poppa Joe has one I can borrow.  After all that, here's this year's crop, 4 watermelon on the left (it's the pink one) and 4 dandelion on the right (the yellow).  Maybe if you're real nice I'll tell you how I did it some time.

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